• Question: What's your favorite thing about science during the coronavirus/COVID-19

    Asked by Bethany is @home! on 11 May 2020.
    • Photo: Jean O'Dwyer

      Jean O'Dwyer answered on 11 May 2020:

      My favourite thing is that for once, science is front and centre. We always see so much about the economy and politics on the news, but when everything went wrong, it was scientists (including medical doctors) that we turned to for help. It might give people a better appreciation of how valuable science and technology actually are.

    • Photo: Jennifer Cookman

      Jennifer Cookman answered on 11 May 2020:

      At the moment science is thriving! Funding agencies have pushed forward money to fund topics towards fighting the virus, helping the economy post pandemic and even social psychology (also called social science). Scientists in all fields whether its, physics, chemistry, maths or biology are all pooling their talent to create new technologies and methods to help. People are looking more to scientists now than ever before for an understanding of what is going on. If the government suggest to wear facemasks for example, we’re asked why and how good is it. There was a really simple video promoted at the beginning of our lockdown on how soap breaks up the virus cell wall to destroy the RNA inside, it’s been watched by millions of people and that is a few million more now that understand exactly how soap is so vital!

    • Photo: Anna Zakrzewska

      Anna Zakrzewska answered on 11 May 2020:

      Apart for discoveries being made that help us learn and understand the virus better, the best part is to see how scientists unite in this effort. There is less competition and more collaboration.

    • Photo: Aisling Ryan

      Aisling Ryan answered on 11 May 2020:

      This is a great question!
      I think the outbreak of coronavirus has shown the world just how essential and important science really is. Some people disregard science and ignore scientists when they share their research, which you see a lot with issues like climate changes and vaccination. Treating coronavirus and understanding coronavirus would be impossible without science, and I think a lot more people are beginning to fully appreciate the importance of science and research 🙂

    • Photo: Ciara O'Donovan

      Ciara O'Donovan answered on 11 May 2020:

      I think it has brought to light the importance of collaboration and the sharing of information between different countries and different research centres. The progress that has been able to be made because of the quick sharing of information has been invaluable I think to how the knowledge surrounding covid-19 has progressed. I think going forward it is an important aspect of research that should be remembered.

    • Photo: Aruna Chandrasekar

      Aruna Chandrasekar answered on 11 May 2020:

      My favourite thing about this time is the time I get to spend alone with myself. I have time to reflect on looking at my PhD as only a part of my life, as opposed to it being the centre of my life.

      P.S: I think this is such an important question, helps you think about the positive aspects of life.

    • Photo: Sonia Lenehan

      Sonia Lenehan answered on 11 May 2020:

      Oh such a good question! I like that it has brought scientists from all over the world together to try and figure out how we can beat covid-19. It has shown that it is really important to share your work with other people and to work closely together as a team. It has also showed the world how important science is to every single person in the world. Everyone needs science and we can see that more then ever now.

    • Photo: Katherine Benson

      Katherine Benson answered on 12 May 2020:

      I like that everyone is showing great confidence and trust in the brilliant scientists who are working on COVID-19. For my own work, it has been a great opportunity to learn some new skills working from home and to get some work done that I’d been forgetting about while I was busy in the lab!

    • Photo: Min Yap

      Min Yap answered on 12 May 2020:

      I think it has emphasized the need for science to be shared for the benefit of everyone. Which means more talks and collaborations between countries, governments, doctors, scientists and researchers.

    • Photo: Dimitar Shterionov

      Dimitar Shterionov answered on 13 May 2020:

      Hi, that’s a nice question.

      What I find really cool during this crisis, is that people (scientists) really got more closer together, joined by a common goal – virologists and biologists and even computer scientists 🙂 That’s what I find the nicest.

    • Photo: Simon Spichak

      Simon Spichak answered on 14 May 2020:

      I think it’s amazing that science superstars are getting the spotlight! Even some sports-related podcasts that I listen to have started reporting on coronavirus science and scientists! It’s fantastic to hear from so many diverse scientific voices and I hope this excites a new generation of scientists from people that are currently underrepresented! The other great thingis being able to answer all of these brilliant questions!

    • Photo: Jun Lin

      Jun Lin answered on 16 May 2020:

      I appreciate that scientists around the world are working together to beat this virus.