• Question: What was the most famous Fossil ect that you've ever found?

    Asked by Its_me__Tom to Tiffany on 7 May 2020.
    • Photo: Tiffany Slater

      Tiffany Slater answered on 7 May 2020:

      Thank you for asking Tom! The most interesting fossil that I have found would be an ammonite that has been replicated in pyrite – or, fools gold – up in Northern Ireland. It is beautiful! But I have to say that most of the interesting fossils that I get to look at and work on include feathered dinosaurs and very, very ancient birds and have been found by other people. Technology has advanced so far that many palaeontologists are actually re-analysing fossils that were often found 100 years ago using new techniques – and finding out much more about the animal’s original biology. Have you ever found a fossil?