• Question: How did covid19 start

    Asked by tastybaker9 on 23 Apr 2020. This question was also asked by inga9.
    • Photo: Louise Mc Grath

      Louise Mc Grath answered on 23 Apr 2020:

      Hi tastybaker9. That is a great question. No one seems to know how the virus started, as many origins have been suggested, such as the seafood market in Wuhan, from pangolins, from bats. Scientists are working hard to discover where the virus came from, as once they have discovered where it came from, then they will understand how it evolved and how it transmitted to humans. I am sorry I cannot be more specific but the short answer is: no one knows just yet, but they are working on it!

    • Photo: Sonia Lenehan

      Sonia Lenehan answered on 23 Apr 2020:

      Hi Tastybaker9! At the moment we are not 100% certain, but lots of scientists are looking into this!

    • Photo: Ciara O'Donovan

      Ciara O'Donovan answered on 23 Apr 2020:

      We don’t yet know the answer to this. There are a few outbreak cases that can be traced to the seafood market in Wuhan, but some suggestions of individual infections before this. It is difficult in many cases to fully trace back to the exact source of the start of a disease for some time after it starts. This coronavirus is related to other coronaviruses which infect other species such as bats and pangolins. Many scientists are working very hard to learn more about this virus everyday as the more we know the better equipped we are at fighting it!

    • Photo: Katherine Benson

      Katherine Benson answered on 23 Apr 2020:

      We don’t really know yet, but there’s many teams of scientists and researchers trying to answer this very question. Hopefully we’ll know soon!