• Question: Do you think quarantine is doing any good for our planet ?

    Asked by lukiaboltina0 to Aisling on 1 May 2020.
    • Photo: Aisling Ryan

      Aisling Ryan answered on 1 May 2020:

      Hi lukiaboltina0, thanks for your question! 🙂
      I think quarantine is doing a lot of good for our planet!
      (1) Most importantly being in quarantine is the best effort to keep as many people as possible safe, and we have already saved so many lives by staying at home, so we should all be really proud of that!
      (2) Because everyone is at home there’s barely any cars on the road. That means the air is so much cleaner! This is better for us when we do our bit of exercise outside each day, it’s better for all of the wildlife, and it’s better for plants!
      (3) People have a lot of negative effects on wildlife and our planet, which is why conservation is so important. With everyone inside the planet gets a chance to recharge its batteries in a sense. Maybe you have seen some pictures of Venice in Italy? There are lots of canals in Venice and once all the humans stayed inside swans and fish returned to the canals- that’s amazing. I know I’ve seen a lot more wildlife around the place.

      In my opinion, quarantine gives us the chance to reflect on ways we can help our planet. It’s so easy for everyone to be caught up in their own schedule and neglect the impact they could be having on the environment. As difficult as quarantine is, it won’t last forever, and it’s nice to see there are some positive impacts 🙂

      Have you seen any good examples during quarantine? Maybe some new wildlife you haven’t spotted before in your area?

      Stay safe!